Welcome Back

A new school year has begun. All of our agricultural classes are filled to the brim this year with so many talented students that are wanting to “Go All Out” and grow their potential. Our chapter officers just had their first meeting also and it is exciting what they have planned for our chapter this year. If you do not know who our officers are you can find them at this post here.

As you have seen we have put a new coat of paint on the website and it looks amazing. There is still some tweaks we may have to do throughout the year but this is the final design for the year as it stands. We hope everyone had an amazing summer. Many members of our chapter sure did through State FFA Convention, State Leadership Camp, Communications Summit and more!

If you have not yet make sure to like our chapter’s Facebook page! Our page can be found at http://facebook.com/marionffa. We try to update that page with a ton of photos from all the events we go to plus reminders about future events that are coming up within our chapter. We are hoping to see another great year for our chapter and are excited to see how members will go all out and try the be the best leaders they can be no matter if it’s at a local CDE event or in the future in the workforce.