Kick off, S.T.A.R., LTS, State Horse Judging Article

The Marion FFA Chapter is kicking off to a great start and a busy year. First and foremost our kick off, which was held on Tuesday September 7th, was a great start for the year. Almost 30 members showed up to enjoy an evening playing kickball, football, volleyball, and eating hotdogs. This event is a chance to give new members a chance to meet current members along with chapter officers and a fun FFA experience outside the classroom.

We congratulate Brianna McConnell on her success at being elected Section 24 secretary last spring. Recently she has attended the S.T.A.R. Conference at Rend Lake College in Mt. Vernon on Wednesday September 8th, along with other Section 24 officers. During the Conference she learned new leadership skills and how to help strengthen other FFA members. Brianna has a big role to play in representing Section 24, Marion FFA Chapter, and especially herself.

Recently all Marion FFA Chapter officers, and our Section 24 secretary Brianna McConnell, attended Leadership Training School, along with other FFA chapters in our section. LTS took place in Pinckneyville on Thursday September 16th. LTS is an opportunity given to FFA officers to help and build up leadership skills. During LTS games were played, ideas were brainstormed, and new friends were made. Leadership is a very important quality in life, and the FFA helps us build leadership and who we are.

On September 17th the Marion FFA Horse Judging team headed up to Kewanee to compete in State Horse Judging competition on September 18th. There are two different parts to the horse judging team, the reasons team which consisted of Brianna McConnell, Brandon Berger, Brittany Murphy, and Alissa Bischoff, and the non-reasons team which consisted of Travis Purnell, Katie LaRue, and Kristin Hornell. The team began judging at 9:00 a.m. on September 18th and judging ended at 11:00 a.m. The reasons team was then pulled aside to state their reasons for their placing of the horses. The placing of the horse judging is still undetermined but we should know the results soon.

The Marion FFA Chapter has already had a spectacular beginning of the year and plan to makes this year one that will not be forgotten.

written by: Sydney Motsinger