End of Year

As the 2014-15 school year for Marion High comes to an end the start of the year for our chapter begins.  For the start of the 2015-16 year of Marion FFA we have 3 events planned to attend and/or host which are:

1) Discussion of agricultural issues to students in the 5th grade at our local elementary schools.
2) Illinois State FFA Convention
3) Washington Leadership Conference

Washington Leadership conference as showcased on FFA.org explains that, “During the five-day event, attendees learn how to become effective leaders by learning their purpose, how to value people, how to take action and how to serve others”.  If you would like to find out more information can be found in the source below.  Carrie White and Haley Easton will be attending this event.  Illinois State FFA Convention is the annual event where the state gets to highlight the achievements and events that happens throughout the year. There is also an FFA dance, talent show, and much more.  While we do not know who is currently attending this event we usually have 10 to 12 members attend this event and it is always a good time to be had by all.

We would also like to announce that Logan Quance and Misty Hopper were both elected to a office of the section 24 officer team.  We wish them the best of luck in their next year with the officer team and cannot wait to see their achievements at the end of the year.

Source: FFA.org

New Officer Team!

We held our annual officer team elections and we are pleased to announce these members as our 2015-16 Marion FFA Chapter officer team!

President – Shane Vaughn
Vice President – Thomas Billingsley
Secretary – Haley Easton
Treasurer – Carrie White
Reporter – Jordin Foster
Sentinel – Jonathan Jennings

2014 National FFA Convention & Expo

While this post may be a tad bit late the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo occurred on the 29th of October through the 1st of November. All of our members had an amazing time during the three days our chapter attended. We even saw our chapter on the big screen when we were recognized as a National Model of Excellence chapter.

All in all while the event was busy it always pays off year after year to attend such an amazing event and be able to learn so much interesting information on topics, be able to be inspired by keynote speakers, and to just have some time to bond even closer as a chapter. Below you can find a album of some of the images we capture while at the event.

We would also like to apologize for our site being down for the past month or so. Our domain expired and we only got around to it recently.

Welcome Back

A new school year has begun. All of our agricultural classes are filled to the brim this year with so many talented students that are wanting to “Go All Out” and grow their potential. Our chapter officers just had their first meeting also and it is exciting what they have planned for our chapter this year. If you do not know who our officers are you can find them at this post here.

As you have seen we have put a new coat of paint on the website and it looks amazing. There is still some tweaks we may have to do throughout the year but this is the final design for the year as it stands. We hope everyone had an amazing summer. Many members of our chapter sure did through State FFA Convention, State Leadership Camp, Communications Summit and more!

If you have not yet make sure to like our chapter’s Facebook page! Our page can be found at http://facebook.com/marionffa. We try to update that page with a ton of photos from all the events we go to plus reminders about future events that are coming up within our chapter. We are hoping to see another great year for our chapter and are excited to see how members will go all out and try the be the best leaders they can be no matter if it’s at a local CDE event or in the future in the workforce.

Greenhouse Sales


Note: You can click the image to get a better view of the flyer.

It’s that time of year again. Time to support your local FFA chapter and help us earn money to help support our students. Come on down this Tuesday at the time listed above at Marion High School and visit our grand opening of the 2013-2014 greenhouse. You can see some behind the scenes work here.

Murray State University Agricuture Field Day

Photos from all the all events ranging from Horse & Dairy Judging to Ag Mechanics.

View the rest of the photos here.

Chapter Officer Elections

After having a great time at SIU with Livestock/Dairy judging today we held officer elections.  We would let to congratulate the follow on their positions:

President – Brody King

Vice President – Jake Dunaway

Reporter – Riley Blandford

Treasurer – Kaley Jones

Secretary – Raven Stone

Sentinel – Zach Smith

It’s interesting how it’s going to be half juniors and half seniors next year.   I hope all 6 of you are ready for officer meetings next year!

Protip from Jonathan:  Someone make it their job to bring donuts and/or drinks to each meeting. No one likes being at a meeting with an empty stomach.



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